Welcome to my webpage! This is my first year as the Principal of TWGHs Chen Zao Men College (CZM). I have been working here since 1986. I graduated from the University of Hong Kong majoring in economics. I earned the Diploma of Education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) with Distinction in Practical Teaching. I also attained the Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration from CUHK as well. I loved teaching economics and was keen to design lesson plans for different topics of economics with my colleagues. I served as a mentor for economics student teachers and also a marker in public examinations for years.

I was the Careers Mistress of CZM from 1994 to 2010. Guiding youngsters to know their strengths and interests, to set goals for further development and seeing them embrace the challenges courageously was rewarding. It was my honor to be invited by the Career Guidance Section of the Education Bureau (EDB) and the Professional Diploma Programme in Career Guidance of CUHK to be the guest speaker for years. The work of me and the Careers Committee of CZM as a whole was appreciated and recognized in the education field. In 2014-15, I was seconded to the Quality Assurance Section of the EDB doing External School Review (ESR) in a number of secondary schools. These have deepened my understanding of school management and enhanced my skills to carry out the duties of a principal.

                                                                                                                  Au Yeung Suk Lan

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 Acting as the guest speaker for the induction seminar of    newly appointed careers teachers                           1997

  Sharing the work of Careers Committee of CZM in EDB       seminar                                                               2009

 principal 3-2 principal 4
My office in EDB during my secondment            2014-15    Farewell lunch with colleagues of EDB at the end of              my secondment                                         2015


I like travelling very much. My dream is visiting all corners of the world in my life. I used to backpack around Mainland China with a tight budget in my 20s. I visited the westernmost city in China, Kashgar (喀什) and the Arctic Village of China, Mohe County(漠河). I even went to Pyongyang (平壤) of North Korea from Beijing by train in 1986! Once I travelled alone for two weeks in order to challenge my abilities to cope with unexpected incidents and get along with people in different places.


 principal 5  principal 6

The statue of KIM Il-sung in Pyongyang                    1986

Juche Tower in Pyongyang                           1986   
principal 7  principal 8
Mohe County, the Arctic Village of China                   1986  Kindergarten in Mohe County                       1986


Among these wonderful trips, the most impressive ones are service trips to the villages in Yunnan in Mainland China, building houses in Cambodia, visiting the orphanages and shelter homes for mothers and children with AIDs in Uganda in Africa. Their deprived conditions have made me know how well off the people in Hong Kong are. The children studied in schools having only worn-out chairs and desks, classrooms with muddy walls and even no lighting. I have also learnt  to treasure what I have, to be sympathetic about the needs of others, to share and to serve. These feelings and commitment echo the CORE values of CZM: to care, to be open, to respect and to endeavor.


principal 9 principal 10

   Visiting clinics in rural villages of Yunnan with lecturers of Kunming Medical College                            1996          

principal 11

principal 12
  The cottage our service group donated and helped to build   in Cambodia                                                          2012   Buddish monk guided my daughter, Cindy, to hammer in       the nail for fixing the wooden floor panels           2012
principal 131 principal 141
Visiting the Suubi Orphanage in Uganda                  2014

 Building a pedestrian walk in the Birra Orphanage                 in Uganda                                                         2014





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