Teen Time Radio Programme

Four of our students had the golden opportunity to participate in the Teen Time Radio Programme aired on RTHK.

The students shared their love of Theme Parks in this 20 minute session with the DJ Ms Alyson Hau. The students enjoyed being immersed in this chit chat about their favourite theme parks and loved sharing their experience with their peers and the host. The programme is available on RTHK radio 3.

Do tune in to listen to their fun conversation punctuated with easy laughter on this link http://app3.rthk.hk/special/teentime/yourvoice.php

20180116 1

Posing RTHK style from left to right are Sam, Jerry, Esther and Yannis of Secondary 4

20180116 2

Evidently happy to be on RTHK Radio 3

20180116 3

The friendly host Ms. Alyson Hau making the students feel at ease

20180116 4

RTHK Radio 3 Experience framed in our memories



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