English Day 2019

Every year the razzmatazz of English Day is eagerly awaited by one and all.

This year the annual English Day was held on 18th April 2019. That day the whole school joined hands to promote English through fun and games. The campus was abuzz with English activities. In alignment with one of our school major concern, “Respect”, a drama   “Mad Respect” was put up by a group of talented actors and actresses. Students practiced their vocabulary and speaking skills in the canteen through board games like Upwords, Dixit, Taboo and our newly introduced board games Apples to Apples. English songs sung in the lobby by exuberant students pepped up the atmosphere of the school. The book display opened up the world of English Literature to the students. Students enjoyed scrumptious delights prepared by PTA.

Other activities like video viewing, tongue twisters, book sharing, impromptu speaking contest, Stronger Roots Healthy Tree and chatting with the teachers added sparkle to the day. Infused with the unrelenting support of the principal, endeavour and commitment of English teachers, cooperation of PTA and teachers from other departments and the help of supporting staff and student helpers, English day successfully achieved its aim. Cheers to the success of the splendid English Speaking Day 2018-2019!

02-DF0 4213

Principal Au Yeung giving a speech at the opening ceremony

01-DF0 4208

Winners of English Passport Design Competition
Principal,Tai Tsz Yiu from 5B, Li Tsz Hing from 3A (Overall Champion), Liu Hi Yuet from 2C,and Au Mei Yin from1B (from left to right)

03-DF0 4279

The Bullies: Let’s have some fun by setting Anson up.

04-DF0 4284

Anson chatting with his beautiful “girl friend”

05-DF0 4367

Anson: Grandma, if it were not you, I would lose all my savings.

10-DF0 4493

Students chattng with Mr. Kowk, the Mathematics teacher.

09-DF0 4491

When is my turn to sing?

08-DF0 4482

Yeah! We win!

11-DF0 4499

Chit-chat with English Ambassadors

07-DF0 4470

I love reading

06-DF0 4447

We want to have more pop corn

1-DSC 9609

Winners of Impromptu Speaking Contest

Hsu Chia Jung from 4A, Li Tsz Hing from 3A, Tsang Pak Sum Kaisy from 2B, Ng Man Fong from 1B and Vice-Principal Ms Luk (from left to right)

12-DSC 9612

Winners of Book Sharing Competition

Ho Oi Kwan from 3B, Wu Ching Man from 2B, Cheung Sz Oi from 1B and Vice-Principal Ms Luk (from left to right)

13-DSC 9616

Winners of Dixit Competition

Mok Ho Long from 2C (Junior Group), Kan Chung Hei from 4D (Senior Group) and Vice-Principal Ms Luk (from left to right)

1-DSC 9617

Winners of Upwords Competition

Vice-Principal Ms Luk, Zhou Wing Hin, Tsoi King Ho from 2A (Junior Group), Zhang Yin Ting and Yung Wing Wai from 4B (Senior Group) (from left to right)



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