"Time Still Turns The Pages" Parent-child Movie Appreciation and Post-screening Talk with the Director

The problem of teen suicide has aroused a great concern over the territory. The Counselling Team of our school held a " Time Still Turns The Pages " parent-child movie appreciation event on December 3, 2023 (Sunday). On that day, parents and students watched the movie together and discussed related issues. It is hoped that this can improve mutual understanding of the two generations. Before the activity began, our school social worker arranged group activities. Through group discussions, sharing and social worker explanations, everyone learnt more about the impact of the family the children. Social workers also talked about how to detect emotional distress among family members, so as to provide early care and support for them. During the post-screening talk, Mr. Nick Cheuk , the director of “ Time Still Turns The Pages ”, shared his filming experience with parents and students, and encouraged everyone to communicate well with relatives and friends and cherish the people around us. Thanks to Asbury Methodist Social Service for their full support of this event, parents and our students have benefitted immensely.