Mr. Lui Chun Kei

We are CZMers (兆民人)! We uphold the CORE values (Care, Open, Respect and Endeavour). We love to explore, create and share in an encouraging, safe and open learning environment. Each CZMer is unique, capable, and that all of them can “shine” in the future. CZM is a subsidized co-educational English secondary school. With students from different social-economic statuses sharing a learning environment together, we have created a caring, open and mutually respecting atmosphere for them to enjoy their study here. To nurture students to have “scientific mind with human concern” is my vision. In this era, almost all knowledge can be learnt from the internet, but ability of judgement can’t. Almost all news around the world can be read from the internet, but sense of citizenship can’t. Huge amount of information bombarding our minds may make us lost. However, I do believe my students will know how to judge correctly by using their scientific mind, together with their human concern. CZMers are believed to be able to cope with every challenge to be faced in the 21st century.