Student Guidance Committee

To know oneself and to contribute to society

Our team comprises seven teachers and the school social worker. We aim at assisting students to formulate correct life values and solve their personal problems as they grow up. In order to offer a wide variety of services and to involve students in community affairs, we join forces with social services groups in our district to organize functions like volunteer training programs and community carnivals.

The Peer Counselling Committee  

Leadership training is also one important facet of our work. Members of our Peer Counselling Team from S.2 & 3 are trained to be big brothers and sisters to guide the newly admitted S.1 students to adapt to secondary school life. Through the process, the student counselors themselves are able to prove their service abilities and gain self-confidence.

Multifarious activities and services

We pool resources to organize a wide variety of joint-schools programs or outdoor activities, for example, the leadership training courses and adventure games sponsored by the Social Welfare Department, and the parents education program conducted by the education psychologist of TWGHs. It is hoped that students can gain more self-knowledge, develop their potentials and care about society.