Morning Talk by 5B Chan Hoi Yin

Good morning principal, teachers and schoolmates,

I am Chan Hoi Yin from class 5B. Recently, China has emerged as a global leader in the world of AI, making significant commitments in AI research, innovation, and implementation. The usages of AI are everywhere in China, for example, people are able to pay with their palms. In the following, I will share my views on the remarkable development of Artificial Intelligence in China.

China's rapid progress in AI can be attributed to several key factors and I will talk about three of them afterwards. 

First and foremost, the easy access to a pool of talented professionals is one of the factors leading to the success of China's AI development. This has nurtured a lot of experts in the field of AI. Moreover, China has been investing heavily in its education system, particularly in the fields of STEM. It has numerous universities and research institutions that focus on Al and relative disciplines. These institutions produce a steady stream of highly skilled graduates that can contribute to Al development. Needless to say, due to the easy access to plenty of professionals, AI development in China is successful.

Apart from the easy access to professionals, cooperations with other countries is another vital reason why the development of AI in China is a great success. China's AI development extends beyond its borders. It is actively promoting international collaboration and cooperation in AI research. It is establishing partnerships with companies worldwide. This can facilitate the exchange of ideas. China's openness to collaboration is a testament to its contribution to the field of AI. Undoubtedly, international cooperation is an important factor leading to the successful development of the AI industry in China.

Last but not least, China's large population and booming economy provide a massive market for Al applications. It has a vast amount of data generated by its tech-savvy population, which is essential for training and improving Al algorithms. This rich data ecosystem enables Chinese Al companies to develop and refine their technologies, gaining a competitive edge in the global Al market. Apparently, the massive market for applying AI technologies is surely a key factor behind the success of China's AI development.

To put it in a nutshell, China's development of AI is a remarkable journey that holds immense promise and potential. It is crucial for us to closely monitor and engage with China's advancements in AI, ensuring that we utilise this technology for the benefit of human while addressing challenges it presents. Thank you.